How to play ping pong in the truck

If you are as crazy about ping pong as Forrest Gump, you are sure to long for the weekends, when you can play at length. Because office hours are like being shut in a truck you can’t get out of till it reaches the destination.

How to play ping pong in the truck? Did we hear an exasperated on my mobile’ from you? Don’t you want to get up and play in your break time?

Pingpong, more formally known as table tennis (TT), originated as a parlor game in Victorian England. The present day TT is an improved version of two cadets playing it with a hardcover book for a paddle, more books propped upright in the center serving as the net and a golf ball as the TT ball. Look at their resourcefulness!

Taking a cue, if it were possible, we are sure you’d love to play ping pong in the office with your iPads as paddles and smuggled kids’ plastic balls for real TT balls.

The fact remains, though, that you cannot play your favorite game every day unless your housing society has a clubhouse, your office has a TT table, you go to a sports arena every day, or you own your own TT table (that is an unlikely odd). Despite it’s being an indoor game, getting hold of a good ping pong setup is difficult.

What if you get the ping pong set up at your doorstep?

No, we are not out of our mind – we are suggesting a revolutionary concept that will change the way we think about table tennis.

We are all familiar with ice-cream trucks, burger trucks, and other kinds of truck-restaurants. Now picture a ping pong truck – this truck has a complete setup akin to the indoor TT floor.

Let us help you with an example…

In a match in the mining truck’ activity, which was a part of something bigger’ campaign by the industry leader Liebherr, official table tennis teams of Germany and Austria battled it out on a giant T 264 mining truck.

Now reduce the truck-size by a half and that’s the table tennis truck that we are talking about. Obviously, you’ll ask how is even possible?! How to play ping pong in the truck?!

Well, check it if the truck is large enough, it can be parked outside the premises where it offers ping pong playing facility, and the players can play on an hourly basis. The truck can carry actual paddles, balls, nets and other supplementary stuff for sale.

If the truck is not sufficiently large, it can be one of the mobile table tennis trucks, which a society in England has started. The Tuck by Truck guys goes on distributing TT setups (paddles, balls, nets) to office going folks to create makeshift ping pong environments in their workplaces. This is to encourage people to do some physical workday instead of sitting at their desks in the office hours or play other games which doesn’t need much space to move and play(say for example achiving the air-hockey goal with airhockey tables).

Aren’t you dreaming already? A ping pong truck that walks up to you and lets you play ping pong right in the streets…

Now, now, don’t go on doing this to the trucks that you want to be ping pong trucks’:

Instead, round up some like-minded ping pong lovers, approach a trucking company, and start your own ping pong truck. Next time someone asks you how to play ping pong in the figurative truck, you aren’t saying – On your mobile’! You’ll have a literal truck to bail you guys out of the figurative truck.



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