Truck for photographers


There are many types of advertisement styles in the market. Some are unique and popular. Truck for photography is now a very common and most popular advertisement branding. Many companies totally rely on the truck branding. Coca-cola Company has most of their trucks painted with their advertisement.

Some Photographers also use trucks permanently for their photography to keep them focused and steady. Here we discuss some trucks which are best for photographers

 Mercedes-Benz concept X-class

Concept X-class is considered as the best truck for photographers. It has a very good grip on the road. Its payload is about 1100kg. It also has good features of tires. These tires are very useful in a muddy place. We know that a photographer has to face many conditions and many kinds of weather. So, he needs a very powerful engine truck. Concept X-class is very helpful in all these situations.

 Hummer H3T

Hummer has a very long range of truck for photographers. Hummer H3T is the best example of company’s competency in this field. It has a capacity to the payload of 1000kg. It also has a back side open for the load. So, hummer H3T is the best truck for a photographer to recommend. It has a good power to work in stormy condition. The basic thing to recommend hummer is its comfortable style for its users. It is very comfortable in long routes also.

 Mercedes-Benz Actros 

Mercedes have a very long range of trucks for photographers. Benz actros are very common among photographers. It is also considered as the best choice for photographers. It has a very long capacity to work in hard conditions. It has a long grip of its tires.

 Benz G63

Mercedes-Benz g63 is also a good truck for photographers. This truck has a very powerful engine which can work easily in every condition. Photographers working in forest surely recommend this truck for photographers because of its safety in design. It is very safe for use in very hard conditions.

Jeep wrangler

Jeep wrangler is also a very popular truck for photographers. It also recommended for its safety. This truck is usually used in hard condition likes weather storm. Photographers also use this truck in the forest where they threat of life from animals. It can also work in hard conditions. It can take a heavy load of itself. Its roof is also being used by photographers. This is also the reason behind its users. This truck is also in recommended list of the truck for photographers.

 Toyota Prius

It’s the best vehicle for a photographer because of the features. It is very comfortable for every photographer. It also contains a four-sided best view for the photographer. But this vehicle is surely used among photographers in plan areas. This is not useful in hard conditions.

That is some truck for photographers which are to be recommended. These are different in shape and capacity. But some can take a heavy load with them and some are very comfortable. Some works in hard conditions while some are used in plan areas. So, it depends on the condition to recommend a truck for photographers.



Paint sprayers or spray guns for food trucks?

The choice of paint determines the beauty of the surface. Who hates food? Even if you have no appetite, the sight of food raises your adrenaline levels for a roaring appetite. Paint sprayers are like food photographs, they give a pictorial presentation of the reality of the meals. They give a practical look of how meals should be presented and served. Food trucks are marketing strategies to increase marketing audience. They travel everywhere to deliver the foods. Why not advertise the foods and the company on the trucks.

 Painting varieties of food on the commercial vehicle is a noble idea in the marketing industry, however, when the painter does a shoddy job, it leads to loss of business. Airless paint sprayers are the best type of sprayer for food trucks. Why is this?

Airless paint sprayers( are the modern paint sprayers which use pressure and compression to ensure the nozzles produce the right quantity of paint. The airless sprayers have cans which make the painting fun and tidy. The compressor creates a vacuum for pressure to be ejected out in uniform.

Food trucks are made of heavy metal and remember they are outdoor trucks which are prone to rains, wind, dust and other particles. Airless sprayers have the in-depth capability of making the spray to stick to the metal without peeling off.

 Food spray should be as neat as possible, there is no room for error. The old paint sprayers do not give room for inner details of the food display in the trucks. The high pressure from the airless sprayer reduces the paints into small droplets for the vacuum space to eject the paint in gaseous form for uniform painting.

 What are the advantages of airless sprayers?

Airless sprayer uniformly portrays the food, remember color is important when painting foods on trucks. The compressor and the detachable cans ensure the painting process is faster and quicker. A marketing agency has no worries because of the efficiency of airless sprayers. Even if they have numerous trucks to paint for an upcoming food event, it is simple and easy.

The quality finishing of airless sprayers appeals to the eye. This is increases the target audience to increase business sales for enhanced business growth.

Airless sprayers are simple and flexible because of portability function. Heavy commercial food trucks (trailers) can be painted with the airless sprayers, most of them have a hosepipe to lengthen the height of which they are painted.

 Who does not want to save on paint and money? The use of airless sprayers uses less paint since there is minimal wastage saving you on the cost of paint. In addition, the sprayers have a regulator to control the amount of paint that comes from the nozzles to provide different shades which create shadow and contrast effect.

 An airless sprayer at was the best technology for food trucks because of the beautification of trucks and advertisement to increase business sales. A food company that advertises on their trucks have a higher chance of moving the business to the next level compared to enterprises who ignore this untapped market.


The toilet in a Truck

A Toilet is a fixed ceramic receptacle usually consisting of a large bowl and a flushing mechanism. A truck, on the other hand, is a large vehicle that can be used to carry people or items. One of the innovative ways to manage a truck is to install a toilet in it or even get YUKON Husky Indoor Gas/Wood Furnace or tankless water heater ( in it too. Its up to you what kind of equipment you want to have in there since Trucks have bigger space inside. There are several brands and designs for portable toilets ( that can be installed in a truck. One of the most popular portable toilet manufacturers for trucks is Thetford. Thetford sells a number of portable toilets in different sizes all of which has two basic parts.One part consists of a water reservoir and the other part is the tank that holds the waste.

Types of toilets that can be installed in a Truck:

There are four different types of portable toilets that can be installed in a truck. They are as follows:

  1. Gravity Flush Toilet:

Gravity Flush Toilet is the oldest type of toilet that has been installed in trucks for decades. The Gravity Flush Toilet uses the simplest flushing method. The contents of the toilet bowl go to the tank when flushed by a gravitational force. This toilet is very similar to the ones used in homes. The operation of this type of toilet is very simple and straightforward.

  1. Macerating Flush Toilet:

In a Macerating Flush Toilet, motor-powered blades macerate body wastes into a liquid state before channeling it into a waste tank. The Macerating Flush Toilet is a toilet operated by mechanical means. The flushing mechanism makes it possible to separate the toilet bowl from the waste tank. One of the benefits of this type of toilet is that the discharge of wastes from the tank is easier and thorough.

  1. Vacuum Flush Toilet:

A Vacuum Flush Toilet is another type of toilet that can be installed in a truck. In a vacuum flush toilet, contents of the toilet bowl go through a vacuum vessel and are vacuum pumped into the waste storage tank. The flushing mechanism of vacuum flush toilets allows the toilet bowl to be located separately from the tank.

  1. Cassette Toilet:

The Cassette Toilet is another type of toilet that can be installed in a truck. The toilet comprises of a toilet bowl that is installed over a cassette like a tank. The contents of the bowl flush into the cassette like a tank and when it is filled, it can be removed, emptied and then reinstalled under the toilet.

Benefits of installing toilets in a Truck:

  1. Longer Journeys:

A toilet in a truck enables a truck to travel for longer journeys. When you have a toilet in your truck, you can travel for longer periods of time without stopping.

  1. Access to a Toilet in a truck makes travelers lives safer:

Another benefit of having a toilet in a truck is that it makes your life safer as a traveler. When you have a toilet in your truck, you do not have to stop at isolated gas stations along the road to use the toilet. Stopping along the road to use the toilet can expose a traveler to certain risks.

  1. Convenience:

When a toilet is installed in a truck, it makes traveling a convenient activity. This ensures that you do not need to stress yourself to locate and use toilets.

The importance of GPS devices for food trucks

Every truck fleet manager knows that if one of the trucks gets stolen, it would be much faster and easier to locate it if it is equipped with a tracking GPS device. The chances of your trucks getting stolen mostly depend on the type of cargo they are transporting. Throughout this article, we will discuss some of the most important reasons, as to why you should use GPS for foods trucks.

Food business

If your truck company works for the government, on a contract to make and deliver all kinds of foods to various military bases, all around the country, your food trucks could be at a risk of getting stolen or robbed, while on the road. If such a thing happens, it would be imperative to locate and retrieve the truck, or trucks, as soon as possible, preferably before the food becomes stale. On the other hand, if your contract involves transporting popsicles and toothpicks, the speed of retrieval might not be that important. However, it would still matter to your business, in terms of financial value.

The main reason why you should equip your food trucks with GPS devices is the speed of retrieval of stolen trucks. However, there are also other reasons, which can also be quite important to your food business and you, as a business owner. Some of these reasons are the following:

Accurate Location

With truck GPS devices, you will know the exact position of every food truck at any time of day and night. If you are the kind of business manager, who cannot rest easy without knowing that his food trucks are safely parked, in the middle of the night, in some remote part of the country, with GPS-equipped trucks, you won’t have to impatiently wait for phone calls. If delivery timings are important, you can keep track of expected time arrivals and timely inform your customers if a truck is behind or ahead of schedule.

Transport Routes

With a food truck GPS device, you will know exactly why it takes so long for your truck drivers to get across town or local area, to deliver the foods, when, for example, it takes you no more than 20 minutes to cover the same distance. Maybe some of your truck drivers have some secrets of their own. Maybe they are intentionally taking the slowest and longest possible routes, in order to reduce their workload. A GPS device will let you know the exact route a driver has taken, and allow you to prove if he/she has taken an unplanned route.

Performance Monitoring

GPS-equipped trucks will also allow you to keep a close eye on their performance and closely monitor their maintenance requirements and needs. This will greatly help you, in case you receive a warning that one of your food trucks is in a poor shape. This way, you will spend less money on detecting and fixing the issue, much less than it would have taken you if the truck was stranded off the road, in the middle of nowhere.

Driving Habits

Lastly, GPS devices will allow you check the driving habits of your food truck drivers. You can also use them to help those with bad habits and receive timely alerts, that will help you determine habitual speeders.So better invest on a GPS and might needing to also include helmets, buying a good one can save your life.

How to play ping pong in the truck

If you are as crazy about ping pong as Forrest Gump, you are sure to long for the weekends, when you can play at length. Because office hours are like being shut in a truck you can’t get out of till it reaches the destination.

How to play ping pong in the truck? Did we hear an exasperated on my mobile’ from you? Don’t you want to get up and play in your break time?

Pingpong, more formally known as table tennis (TT), originated as a parlor game in Victorian England. The present day TT is an improved version of two cadets playing it with a hardcover book for a paddle, more books propped upright in the center serving as the net and a golf ball as the TT ball. Look at their resourcefulness!

Taking a cue, if it were possible, we are sure you’d love to play ping pong in the office with your iPads as paddles and smuggled kids’ plastic balls for real TT balls.

The fact remains, though, that you cannot play your favorite game every day unless your housing society has a clubhouse, your office has a TT table, you go to a sports arena every day, or you own your own TT table (that is an unlikely odd). Despite it’s being an indoor game, getting hold of a good ping pong setup is difficult.

What if you get the ping pong set up at your doorstep?

No, we are not out of our mind – we are suggesting a revolutionary concept that will change the way we think about table tennis.

We are all familiar with ice-cream trucks, burger trucks, and other kinds of truck-restaurants. Now picture a ping pong truck – this truck has a complete setup akin to the indoor TT floor.

Let us help you with an example…

In a match in the mining truck’ activity, which was a part of something bigger’ campaign by the industry leader Liebherr, official table tennis teams of Germany and Austria battled it out on a giant T 264 mining truck.

Now reduce the truck-size by a half and that’s the table tennis truck that we are talking about. Obviously, you’ll ask how is even possible?! How to play ping pong in the truck?!

Well, check it if the truck is large enough, it can be parked outside the premises where it offers ping pong playing facility, and the players can play on an hourly basis. The truck can carry actual paddles, balls, nets and other supplementary stuff for sale.

If the truck is not sufficiently large, it can be one of the mobile table tennis trucks, which a society in England has started. The Tuck by Truck guys goes on distributing TT setups (paddles, balls, nets) to office going folks to create makeshift ping pong environments in their workplaces. This is to encourage people to do some physical workday instead of sitting at their desks in the office hours or play other games which doesn’t need much space to move and play(say for example achiving the air-hockey goal with airhockey tables).

Aren’t you dreaming already? A ping pong truck that walks up to you and lets you play ping pong right in the streets…

Now, now, don’t go on doing this to the trucks that you want to be ping pong trucks’:

Instead, round up some like-minded ping pong lovers, approach a trucking company, and start your own ping pong truck. Next time someone asks you how to play ping pong in the figurative truck, you aren’t saying – On your mobile’! You’ll have a literal truck to bail you guys out of the figurative truck.